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F.I.R.E: Family Room

Don't know what F.I.R.E. is? Click Here to find out.

Just so you know, I really, really, really wanted to skip F.I.R.E this post this week. I kept telling myself, "Oh you can make it up next week". But then I remembered that my goal is to "Get My Crap Together" and procrastinating is not going to get it done. So I just buckled down and did it. And to tell you the truth, it only took me about 30 minutes. Crazy I know.

If your family room is anything like mine, you have so much stuff in it! Like DVD's and CD's, games and toys, electronics. I thought it would take hours. But I didn't catalog every single DVD, instead I counted them and then took pictures and video of them. This cut back on a lot of time. I did the same thing for my bookcase. (I have SO many books.)

On the big stuff like my TV and electronics, I tried to track down the serial numbers or at least the manufacture. That way I have a bit more information on them.

I have to say, I feel better now that this room is done. Next week, I conquer the kitchen. (Scary!!)

How are you doing on your inventory? You can still join us. Leave a comment and let us know. Days to come:

August 1-7: Living Room *DONE
August 8-14: Family Room *DONE
August 15-21: Kitchen and Dining Room
August 22-28: Laundry Room
August 29-Sept 4: Home Office
Sept 5-11: Bathroom 1 & 2
Sept 12-18: Master Bedroom
Sept 19-25: Nursery
Sept 26- Oct 2: Home Storage (like the Garage) and Patio