Frugal Fridays: Reuse Me!!

I'm not one for spending unnecessarily. So in trying to find ways to store things I try to recycle. We eat a lot of Miracle Whip in our house. They now come in these great plastic containers. So I RECYCLE!
I use them for my noodles. Instead of buying expensive storage containers, I can put them into plastic Miracle Whip Jars. That way I can still see what is in the container and I don't have to have the mess of tons of unopened bags.
I also use them in the nursery to hold Q-tips and cotton balls. I've put contact paper over the lids so they match the color scheme and Voila! A wonderful storage container.

Isn't reusing so rewarding!


  1. Love your ideas on here. I found you thru MPM. Going to follow you thru GFC.

  2. Thanks for this idea. I have what seems like 1,000 empty plastic containers that I keep telling the hubby I will reuse one day. Well... I think I will make some nice labels and stick my pasta, rice, beans, etc in these containers. I love to recycle and reuse. Why not start with something so easy? :)