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Baby Scrapbook

So I've been working on getting my pictures organized. I mentioned in a previous post that I use Picasa to help me store my pictures. But I recently stumbled across a great little company called Picaboo.

I made this book for my little guy. It is the story of his first 6 months. I only paid shipping and handling on it, which made it like $9. You can't beat that. The company has you download the software to create the book onto your computer. I really liked this because I don't need internet access to work on my book. That can be a huge pain in the behind.

On this page I wrote the story of my little guys birth. It was a unique one. (I pushed for 4 hours before I had a C-Section. I figured someday his wife would appreciate what I went through to get him here.)

I also like Picaboo because you can rearrange and move your pictures wherever you want. You can't do that at Walmart or Walgreens. Overall, I'm happy and I feel just a bit more organized.

How do you organize your pictures?