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Craftastic Tuesday: Baby's Halloween Costume

A baby's first Halloween is a very special time. You want to pick the best costume for them. Mostly because they'll spend the rest of their life having to justify to all their friends why their parents dress them up like:

A Pea Pod
A Lobster
Or the traditional...A Pumpkin

Luckily, our son won't have to worry so much. Why you ask? Well, he's going to be (drum roll please)...................

A Referee

That's right. He calls it like he sees it. No one back talks to him or their out! And who doesn't love having a whistle!

He also has this mega cool hat and booties to match. Lucky kid!

He was going to be a football, but we thought a referee would be more fitting. I combined a few patterns I had and found the baseball hat pattern at Cut Out and Keep. Hope you find some joy in all our fun. I'll post more pictures once Halloween has come and gone. LOVE IT!!

What are your little ones going to be for Halloween?

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