Fitness Friday:

Have you ever used It is FANTASTIC! You can do all sorts of things. You can track your calorie count, print out menu planners, get ideas on how to be more fit. It is a great resource. I use it in my classroom all the time. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

My Pyramid Menu Planner
Just enter your age, weight, height and start planning your meals. If you are overweight it will tell you, but then just select you want to get a healthier weight and it will help you plan. I love it.

It is an encyclopedia for your food. Enter a food and get the calorie break down. It's like a food label for each serving. It is great if you are trying to count calories, get more protein in your diet or you're just curious about what they heck you are eating.

Provides steps and ideas on how to obtain that healthier body weight.

Love this! It provides you with your own pyramid based on your own pregnancy. Gives you your own menu planner. It just has some great information.

My Pyramid for Kids and Preschoolers
I love this. I use it in all my Child Development classes. It provides great information for parents and child care providers for nutrition in children. Lets face it, kids need to eat healthy too. It has some great tools and ideas on how to make healthier meals and how to get your kids to exercise.

Child Care Calculator
Helps you calculate the cost of raising a child. Includes food, clothing, shelter. It is amazing.

Check it out. You won't be sorry. Plus, it is all FREE! You can't beat that. They also have tons of resources that you can print. Take some time and do something nice for yourself!