Black Friday Organizing

I thought I'd write a few tips that I have found helpful in the last few years to help with your "Black Friday" shopping and organizing.

1. Start looking at the ads on Wednesday. You'd be surprised how many stores are open on Thanksgiving. My husband wanted a Wii on year. We looked in the ads and Shopko had them. When we looked closer, we saw they were open on Thanksgiving. So we called and of the 6 or 7 Wii's they had for their store on Black Friday, they only had 2 more! We got one just because we were willing to go in on Thanksgiving. So check your ad for when their sales start.

2. Don't stand in line. Unless you are dying for that TV that is on sale for dirt cheap, wait to go into the store until about 30 minutes after they open. That way you can still get the item you want, but you don't have to freeze.

3. Get in and get out. Know what you want and go straight to it. Don't stop on the way or look around. This prevents you from buying tons of stuff you don't need and it helps you get checked out quicker.

4. Don't park. Have someone drop you off. This saves on gas and time looking for a parking space. But it also keeps you from spending too much time in the store. You know that your driver is waiting on you somewhere.

5. BUDGET!! And don't go over it. Take cash if you can. That will keep you from spending too much. Sales are great, but spending too much is not.

Hope these tips will help you out this Black Friday. Good luck! And let us know what you got!!!