Craftastic Tuesday: A New Take on the Hanging Spice Rack

DIY Hanging Spice Rack

So this is what my spices have looked liked since I got married. That's been almost 4 years now. So I figured I needed a better system. I can't bring myself to "purchase" anything and I am limited on space. I've always liked those magnetic spice containers, but I just don't have the space on the fridge or the money to buy all the containers.

Well, my little guy is eating baby food and we are going through jars like crazy. I was saving them to take to school for projects, but I got an idea. Why not use them for spices!! They are FREE right.

However, where do I put them? So I thought, how about use the space above my counter tops. I mulled it over for a few days and then had the perfect idea on how to get this done.
You'll need your spices, baby food jars, labels (I got mine from good ole' Martha Stewart), magnets, tape, and a sheet of metal. I also used a glue gun and some picture sticky tabs to hang the sheet of metal.

First, clean out your jars and label them. Fill them up and glue your magnets to the top of the lid.

Next, stick your picture stickers onto your sheet of metal. You might need several, just depends on how heavy your sheet is.

Stick the metal up where you want it in your kitchen. Make sure to let it rest to help the adhesive set.

Then put up your spices!

Doesn't it look great. And they are so easy to find.

I am way too excited about this.

Why not use all that unused space right!!!

Now my pantry has a bit more room. Loving it!!!

FYI: I spent maybe $10 for magnets and the sheet of metal. I know I couldn't have gotten matching containers and a spice rack for that little. I call that a good deal. And I never have to worry about finding matching jars. I just need to make sure I have baby food jars around!!!


  1. Love it! I decided a few months ago my spiced needed to be replaced (after 9 years of marriage). I spend days searching for a company that I liked the look of their containers before purchasing!

  2. Chels--if you have extar jars, could I use them? We keep our spices in baggies and I have room for jars, jars. :) Let me know if you have extras!


  3. What a creative way to organize your spices AND use baby food jars! I'm hogging baby food jars also and trying to come up with a creative way to use them.

  4. Very awesome! I love it!!! I just glaced over at my kitchen to see if I had space to do the same :)

  5. Great use of space! Looks great.

  6. Adorable. Like the addition of the cute labels, and the fact that you took full advantage of space!

  7. What a great idea!

    Check out this giveaway. notepads to help make organizing fun.

  8. This is the best project I've seen using baby food jars! This is just perfect, thanks for the tutorial!

  9. Do you know where you can getempty baby food jars? I don't have any babies. Mines 17

  10. Try calling a daycare. They always have lots of jars and may be willing to save you a few.

  11. This has got to be one of the most clever ideas ever. Well done!