Utility Tote Bag Tutorial

I needed a new bag to carry all my stuff and my little guy's stuff. So I thought I'd make a utility tote bag. I got some ideas from these very cute ones you can buy online (HERE).

What you'll need:

2 - 20w x 10h pieces of fabric
2 -5 x 5 pieces of fabric
2 - 20x10 pieces of iron on interfacing
2- 5x5 pieces of iron on interfacing
6 x 5 inch piece for side pocket
15 x 5 inch piece for front pocket
Matching or contrasting interfacing
Fabric pieces for straps

Take your two side pieces of your bag and iron on your interfacing. Then iron your large pieces with right sides out about 4 inches down. Then sew a straight stitch down.

Cut two pieces for the bottom of your bag. Iron thick interfacing on to both pieces.

Here are your two pieces sewn together to make your bag.

Pin your two bottom pieces to the bottom of your bag. You'll sew your raw edges on the outside of your bag. You'll cover them with your bias tape later.

Now put on your bias tape on the top of both of your pocket pieces.

Sew on your side pocket. I only put one pocket on the side. But you could do one on each side.

Sew on your front pocket. Then sew your bias tape all the way around your raw edges on the outside of your bag.

Voila! My new bag! I am going to use it as my little man's diaper bag/my purse. It can hold so much!!

Look at how much it holds! I love it so much.


  1. It's not ugly at all! I'm giving you a versitile blogger award, I hope you'll accept. Pick it up at my site later tonight. domesticdeadline.blogspot.com

  2. hello, my stoppage here for the first time, but i love the way you make things.
    you are genius ,making many things is good but making useful and needed things gives you ten out of ten marks. few things but fantastic i will follow u . love take care , greetings from India.