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Happy Blogoversary!!!!

Yes today is our Get Your Crap Together Blogoversary!!!

So exciting!

Can't believe it has been a year!

So let's celebrate!

This week let's celebrate by giving away something FREE!!

How about something to get you organized!!!

How about the GYCT Cookbook?

That is right...GYCT's got a cookbook...well as of now. I figured it is much easier to pull out a cookbook then get online every time you want that recipe you read the other day. So...Voila!

That's right, 34 of the Get Your Crap Together recipes. Just for you and your kitchen.

What does it look like?

Well here's a little peek....

So how do you win you might ask?

Leave a comment on this post by midnight on June 17th! Make sure you are a follower and wait in anticipation. Meanwhile, vote below for your types of recipes.

Your chances of winning...

Guess that depends on how many choose to comment. Good luck and thanks for Getting Your Crap Together with me!!