31 Days of Halloween: The Beginning & Witch's Boots

If you know me, you know I LOVE Halloween! GYCT is going to do 31 Days of Halloween!!! Every single day in the month of October I have posts with projects, recipes, decorating ideas, whatever I feel like that relates to Halloween. There will be some great guest posts as well. I can't wait!!! If you are excited, make sure to grab our button and spread the word.

Our first project for 31 Days of Halloween is....

Witch's Boots!!!
I've always want to make some of these. I have seen tons of very cute designs online, but I decided to come up with my own. So easy, you can do it too!

All you need is the pattern below and 2 pieces of 6" x 8" pieces of fabric for the socks (or just old socks). I stuffed them with grocery sacks! Ha! No use spending money when you have all you need at your house!