31 Days of Halloween: Felt Pumpkin Table Runner

Okay, so a couple weeks ago my husband and I were at Target. They had the cutest pumpkin table runner. It was like $20! It looked pretty simple so I figured I could make my own.

And so I did!!! You can too! For less than $5!!
You'll need:
3 pieces of orange felt
1 piece of green felt
1 piece of black felt
1 piece of brown felt
Craft glue
exacto knife
Now the felt I purchased was pre-stiffened. Meaning it is already starched. It was a bit more expensive, but worth it!

First, cut out the pattern pieces at the end of this post. You'll have 3 jack-o-lanterns. Decide what faces you want them to have. I did all 3 of mine differently.

Next cut out some leaves. I only did 3, but you could do way more or different colored leaves.

Cut out your 3 stems.

Cut out your spider. He's pretty cute.

Now take your craft glue and paste them together! Voila! A lovely table runner. I have to say it is much cuter than this ONE!

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  1. yes it's like, a million times cuter than the "store" one!!!! great job!!!

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