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31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post Funny Face Pumpkins - By Tidbits

Today our guest post is Cami from Tidbits. She is so talented and I am excited to have her blog with GYCT. Check her site out here.

Thanks for having me over Chelsea! It's been so fun to see all the Halloween goodness around here.

Halloween presents many creative opportunities. But I will be the first to admit that it's easy to keep all the fun to yourself as a momma. I get so excited about sewing costumes and Halloween decor, I tend to forget the potential for fun for my kids. So after racking my brain, I came up with this kids craft for my girls that can easily be adapted for many ages. It can also be fun for you!

I call it simply -

Funny Face Pumpkins

For younger kids, it is best to precut the shapes, and let them mix and match to make their own funny faces. Older kids could certainly do this step themselves.

Cut the items you see above. I just free handed all those shapes. Don't get too stuck on perfectness - their supposed to be funny, right? I used some distressing ink on some of the edges of the pumpkins which added some fun for me.

Then just give your kids a glue stick and let them create whatever their hearts desire

It might be interesting. I kept trying to tell them how a pumpkin face is supposed to go, and my 5 year old (going on 15) insisted I stop and let her make it how she wants.

So if you can't stand a crooked face, you may need to leave the room for this part.

But occasionally, such a little one will surprise you with just what you had in mind.

And the rest of the funny faces will give you a pretty good laugh. Then you'll have to make them into a banner for everyone to see.

Speaking of funny faces. .

I'd love to have you stop tidbits and see if there is anything you might like. I'll be posting this years costumes shortly, and I think they are my favorite so far.

Enjoy the rest of the Halloween fun!