Dog Bed Pillowcase

We have a dog. Her name is Matilda. She is a beagle....and a pain in the rear end. Are you looking for a new dog? Want mine?

No, I won't really sell Anyway, Matilda received a nice new bed for Christmas, because she ate the last one and went major #2 on the one before that.
So she has been "bedless". If that means she sleeps on my bed, in my clean sheets...
then, yes, she is "bedless".

So she got a bed. But seeing as I don't want to have to buy a new bed AGAIN.
Here is a tutorial on how to make a Dog Bed Pillowcase.

You will need:
2 yds of fabric
1 ft of velcro
dog bed

First, measure your dog bed include the "puff" of the pillow. Then add 1 inch on all sides.
I like to have lots of room to put the pillowcase over the bed.
It helps to keep it from being to tight.
Take your measurements and cut your fabric.

Now sew 3 of your sides together. I used the false flat felt seam. This makes it so my raw edges don't show at all. LOVE IT! You can zig-zag or serge. Whatever you want.

Now that your sides are sewn, take the open side and iron down about 1/2" all the way around.

Then iron down again about 1 1/2"-2". Make sure it is even all the way around.

Sew it down on the bottom edge.

It will look a bit like this when your finished.

Now the velcro! You could totally put in a zipper, but I like velcro.
My great husband pointed out I could have saved velcro by placing the open end on the short side.
Of course this was after I was all done.
I told him I totally picked the long side on purpose because it was easier to get the bed in the pillowcase.
Really, I just didn't want to look stupid.
Because I'm not.
Really, I swear.

I decided to place about 2" pieces of velcro 5-6" apart across the bottom.

A little trick I picked up, if you don't want to pin the velcro to sew...glue it! You can use craft glue or hot glue. they both work. Just don't use too much and make sure it is dryish before you sew.

When you sew the velcro you'll sew it down in a box with an X through it. This keeps it in place and gives it more strength.

Once you're done, stuff that bed inside and you have yourself a removable, and washable bed pillowcase.

Isn't it cute!
I'd give you a great shot with my dog laying nicely on her new bed, but well, this is about as cooperative as she is. What you don't see is my hand holding her in place. Hooray for cropping!

Good luck!
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