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31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post by Katie from Whom the Bell Told

Today's Guest Post is Katie from Whom The Bell Told.  Check out her blog.  No really, she is super funny and you'll like her.  =)

Hi, I'm Katie from Whom The Bell Told.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try.  Some people call me the canning queen.  I don't personally give myself titles, but other people are more than welcome to.

For this quick project  you'll need:
20-30 canning rings, wide mouth or regular, I did one of each
and something for the stem, I used an old clothes pin.

Use your twine to tie your rings together as tightly as you can.  The tighter the better.

 Fan out.

Insert stem.

Place on fall mantel.

Go take a nap.

Or read a book.

Or run a marathon.

Or bake a cake.

 This project is that fast.

Have fun.