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31 Days of Halloween: Guest Post from Tidbits

Today our guest post is Cami from Tidbits. She is a dear old friend and so clever.  Check her site out here.

It's great to be over here again this year, sharing some Halloween fun.  This 31 Days of Halloween is my daily does of inspiration during the month of October.  I'm itching to try those fridge magnets and the spider web soup.  So cute!

I wanted to share with you an alternative idea to handing out candy to your trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. 

It's homemade, cheap, easy, healthy, and you still have plenty of time to whip some up.  (For tutorials head over to my blog tidbits.)

My grandmother always handed out a toy and a candy on Halloween, and it was the coolest thing ever in my little mind.  

And while you could always head to the dollar store and buy some junk toys, these homemade trinkets can come together with hardly any money at all.  I was able to only use stuff I had on hand.


Folded paper, and one easy stitch - and you have yourself the cutest little mini sketch books.  You can make a ton of these very quickly.

Get online and print off some Halloween coloring pages for free.  Fold them up and stick in a few crayons and those kids will have something to do while they eat all that candy.

And how cute are these little ghost finger puppets?  So very easy to make!


And with only a few more steps you can make little pumpkin fingers as well.

If you have an electronic cutter, these shadow puppets are quicker than any of them.  You could even make simpler shapes with a pare of scissors.  These are so fun when you turn out the lights and shine a flashlight from behind.

Bean bags filled with rice or beans are easier than they look.  What kid doesn't love to chuck around a bean bag? 

Now if you think this all still looks like more work than it's worth for trick-or-treaters (because let's face it, all these trinkets destiny is the garbage, after some mom gets tired of them laying around long enough) . . .

then throw a Halloween party, package them up, and hand them out to all your kids friends as party favors.  They will be delighted.

I am pretty excited about handing these out to the trick-or-treaters that come to our door.  I have big aspirations for being the coolest house on the block.


And jump on over to my blog if you need help in making any of these.

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