Homemade Wallet Tutorial

The holidays are upon us!  So I thought I'd share a little something that I made this summer that would be a simple but fun sewing project for a gift.

First you need some fabric.  You'll need exterior fabric and two interior fabrics.  Mine are a bit random, but they work.

I started by measuring a bill and a gift card/credit card.

This helped me determine that my wallet should be about 8" x 4". 

Now cut 2 exterior pieces, 2 interior pieces, and then 2 pocket pieces (these you will cut down as you need them).

Next, cut your "pocket pieces" into smaller sizes to fit your credit cards.  Mine are about 3" x 4". 

Now you need some interfacing on all your pieces. 

Turn the tops of your pocket pieces 1/4" and iron and sew.  Then line them up on your wallet interior.  Sew down the bottoms so they alternate and so your card won't fall through and be lost.

Place the 2 exterior pieces together and sew across the 8" side.

Place the two interior pieces together and sew across the 8" side.

Now open both pieces and place them on top of each other.  Sew all the way around, but leave an opening in the middle of the interior section.

See the opening above?  You'll flip the wallet all the way right side out.

So it will look like this.

Now sew the opening closed.

Flip the interior inside the exterior and....

Fill that wallet up!  

This is a great pocket size.  I carried this around instead of my purse this summer when I took some students on a trip to Walt Disney World.  It worked great!!!
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