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Organize Me!! Sizzlin' Summer Kick-Off with Family Binder

WELCOME to our Organize Me!!! Sizzlin' Summer Series!!

Get Your Crap Together

We are going to have a great summer helping you have some fun while trying to get your family organized.

To start our series, every Monday from now until August we will share with you our "Family Binder".  There will be several sections and TONS of free printables for you to download to get your family organized.  

We will also start an Organize Me Linky Party at the end of June for you to showcase all your hard work.

We also have a group Pinterest Board!!  Check out all the cool things our great Guest Contributors are pinning to help you stay organized.

To start, here is our Family Binder!!!

In an effort to be a bit more organized I decided to create a Family Binder.  It would include not only important family information, but also help me to be more organized and efficient.  I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest on my Organizing page.  I've created some of my own printables and have borrowed some from others.  I'll include links to those.  So for Monday's this summer, I'll show you my Family Binder and provide you with some printables you can use to start your own binder.  To make sure you don't miss any of the fun, like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest or join us on BlogLovin.


My Planning Section

My planning section includes a weekly goals page, Blog planning page and a daily scheduler.

When I plan my week, I like to make a list.  (Who are all my list friends?  It is an addiction!)  On this template, I created a box for each day of the week with spots for several goals.  I even added a checkmark box!!  I love to "check" things of my list.  If you do to, then this is the list for you!  I laminated it so that all I have to do is wash and I can reuse it.  If I don't accomplish the goal, then all I have to do is move it to another day.  I love this method because I can plan my week and then forget what I need to do until the day I need to do it.  I just have to accomplish my goals for one day.  Once the list is done, I can "relax" a bit.  (Well,  as much as a mom with a baby can relax, right!)  I learned this method in college and I am happy to be applying it again.  

I have found if I sit down on saturday or sunday night and plan my next week, it really helps.  This way I start the week without feeling behind.

Once my daily goals are established I can plan out my day hour by hour.  I used to do this in college and I felt really efficient.  So I'm working on that again.  Because I'm not really efficient these days.  (You feeling me?)  I remember that this helped me realize how much time I was "wasting" doing things like emailing, watching TV, bumming around.  So this keeps me moving and gives me now excuse for not accomplishing my goals.

Last is my blog planning page.  This blog planning page is designed for the entire month.  It has a spot for current projects, future ideas, guest posts and even notes.  I also put a spot for notes to myself.  This I found helps me if I need to check something or edit a post that I plan to post.  Hopefully, it will help you also!

Want the PDF?  click HERE

Want the PDF?  Click HERE

Want the PDF?  Click HERE

Thanks for joining our Organize Me!!!  Sizzlin' Summer Series.  
Don't forget to grab our button and come back all summer long for some great contributor posts and to update you Family Binder.