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Our Family Binder: Menu Planning

WELCOME to our Organize Me!!! Sizzlin' Summer Series!!

Get Your Crap Together

We are going to have a great summer helping you have some fun while trying to get your family organized.

To start our series, every Monday from now until August we will share with you our "Family Binder".  There will be several sections and TONS of free printables for you to download to get your family organized.  

We will also start an Organize Me Linky Party at the end of June for you to showcase all your hard work.

We also have a group Pinterest Board!!  Check out all the co
WELCOME to our Organize Me!!! Sizzlin' Summer Series!!

In an effort to be a bit more organized I decided to create a Family Binder.  It would include not only important family information, but also help me to be more organized and efficient.  I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest on my Organizing page.  I've created some of my own printables and have borrowed some from others.  I'll include links to those.  So for Monday's this summer, I'll show you my Family Binder and provide you with some printables you can use to start your own binder.  To make sure you don't miss any of the fun, like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest or join us on BlogLovin.


Check out what you've missed and what is to come:
Week #3:  Menu Planning II
Week #4:  Cleaning
Week #5:  Finances
Week #6:  Contacts
Week #7:  Home Maintenance
Week #8:  Family Information

My Meal Planning Section

Part 1

In this section I have a menu planner, grocery list, freezer inventory, and list of recipes to try and family favorites.   Since there is a lot to share this is PART 1!

I love to grocery shop!  Is that weird?

I love to make the list, get a good deal, check off each item.  It started very young, just ask my mother!

As a result, I love to menu plan.  I use to be really good about it, but working full time made that difficult.  I wanted to create a menu planner that would really be useful in helping me plan better, but also remind me that we don't just eat dinner.  Anyone else sometimes forget that their family must eat breakfast and lunch also?!

So I put together this little menu planner.  It has each day of the week and all 3 meals listed!  I know, brilliant right!  I personally laminated it so that I could reuse it.  However, it would be great to keep them to refer back to so I might change my mind on that.  But right now, I like it.

I also made a grocery list printable.  I laminated it so that I can work on it as I plan my menu.  I put some of the items I purchase a lot but also left blanks for "add on" items.  Many of the grocery lists I found online were great, but they had items I wouldn't buy and didn't have many spaces for "write in" items.  They made me frustrated!  So I fixed that problem and am sharing with you!

Now, if you aren't sure how to plan out your meals.  You can check out my method HERE.  I plan out my entire month in meals.  This helps me not repeat so often and I am more willing to try new recipes.  It works for me.  Perhaps it will work for you.  I don't shop for the whole month however.  I shop ever two weeks.  But if the month is planned, the shopping is much, much, much easier.

Another tool  you might find useful is creating a recipe list.  This is a list of the recipes my family eats oftern  I use this to help plan.  Don't have one?  Perhaps you can start one with the help of our my recipes page

Next week, I'll also have some ideas for organizing your recipes!

Finally, I decided I needed to inventory my freezer.  We have a deep freeze in our garage and it needed love.  

I will admit, I put it off for like 3 weeks.  I didn't want to face it.  But I knew when I finally conquered it that I wanted an inventory of what I had and how "old it was".  (Scary, right!)

I created this freezer inventory page.  I love this one.  Now perhaps we won't need to eat freezer burn because I have kept track of what I have!  

(I know you have no idea what I mean.  Right?  You don't have freezer burn on your food....right?)

Now, just a brief word on coupons.  I have a pocket at the back of this section for coupons.  I love coupons.  I will admit I did a bit of the crazy couponing for awhile. 

I got tired.

Now, I just use the coupons for products I really LOVE or need.  Not that couponing is bad.  But in an effort to GET MY CRAP TOGETHER, I decided, it wasn't worth all that I was giving up to do it.  

So, if you are a great coupon person....I say good for you.  And you'll need more then just a little pocket for your coupons!

Want the PDF?  Click HERE

Want the PDF?  Download it HERE!

Want the PDF?  Click HERE

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