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Sizzlin' Summer Guest Contributor: Brandy @ Gluesticks

Today we have a FABULOUS Guest Contributor, Brandy from Gluesticks.  Make sure to check out her blog.


Hi "Get Your Crap Together" readers! I'm Brandy, the gal behind the keyboard on the blog Gluesticks. Every mom needs an outlet and Gluesticks is mine. I am a wife to an amazing member of the United States Coast Guard and a mother to 4 children.

My life is full of excitement. Moving across the country, school lunches, afternoons at the park, dance classes, teaching piano, family time, and always a little time for creativity.

I love being able to create with my children and our craft room is always a mess with crayons, stickers, glue in the carpet...yep, last month, and lots of other fun stuff.

This is how Gluesticks came about. I wanted to share some of our simple Craft and Recipes. Nothing fancy, no special ingredients or tools required. Just the desire to create. And I share it all with my readers! And when the kids are tucked in their beds for the night and my husband is at work, I enjoy making things for our home, or sewing up something fun for my kids.

Today I am excited to share a fun round-up of organizational ideas that were shared during a 2 week long Spring Cleaning event on Gluesticks. Some pretty amazing ladies stopped by and let us in on their secrets on keeping up with house work and their sanity at the same time. So in no particular order, here they are:

Dress-Up Box by Gluesticks

This was truly a dream come true for our girls. Now they can find everything they need quickly vs. sorting through the big toy bucket that they had before.

Cleaning House: An Overview: Clover Lane

Sarah shares how she keeps up with her home and her 6 children. She is amazing!

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Pantry Before & After: Cupcakes & Corndogs

Amanda shares how she organized her pantry without spending a bunch of money on jars or baskets. She gave herself a small budget and re-used what she had at home.

Laundry Room FamilyBringsJoy.com

Organized Laundry Room Video Tour: Family Brings Joy

Shan let us in her home by doing a video tour of her AMAZING custom laundry room. She showed us what works and the things that they have tried that didn't work as far as laundry organization goes.

How I Power Clean My Home: Gluesticks

Don't have time to clean and organize your house top to bottom every day? Yeah, me either. Here is how I maintain a presentable home by power cleaning it for 30 minutes. It works and is great for this time of year when I'd rather be having fun outside with my kids and not spending my days cleaning inside.

Folding Laundry Vs. Stacking: Gluesticks

If you haven't seen this before....click the link RIGHT NOW. Go ahead, it's worth coming back to this post in a minute. This will change your life! The kids will find their clothes easier, everything in the drawer is in plain sight and they don't end up pulling all of the clothing out when they are looking for something to wear.

Organized Craft Cart: The Fantastic Five

$0 was spent on creating this functional creative space. Amber tackled the problem that many of us have. How to organize and create in a small space.
Thank you for checking out these fun ideas. I hope you'll stop by and say hi on Gluesticks! We'd love to have you!
You can also find me here!