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Sizzlin' Summer Guest Contributor: Mammy Made

If you haven't already, you should visit Adele at Mammy Made.

She is super creative and has some great tutorials and idea for everyone!


Hi everyone! My name is Adele and I usually blog over at Mammy Made. I tend to blog about crafting and cooking. I have a lot of homeschooling stuff on there as well and I am currently growing potatoes and tomatoes in my small back yard, which I am blogging about every Monday. Come by and see me if you have the chance :)

I was so excited to get the email off Chelsea about taking part in this series. Thank you so much for thinking of me, Chelsea. I love Get Your Crap Together and I have done for a long time so it's an honour to be here.

Today I am going to share my cleaning rota with you all. Until my kids came along, I had all the time in the world to clean my flat. I did it leisurely and at my own pace. Those with kids will know that once your little treasures come along, nothing is done leisurely. Things are done in a rush in the few minutes you have spare while the kids are otherwise occupied ;)

Since having my two gorgeous girls, I have moved from a flat into a three bedroomed house. That means that while my available time for cleaning is shorter, the amount of cleaning I have to do is bigger. Facepalm.

I came up with this cleaning rota last year and it has saved my house. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have days where I don't get chance to do all of my cleaning. But I never get to a point in my head where I am just overwhelmed with the sheer amount I have to do in such a short time. 

Before I show you my cleaning rota, I want to share a few tips that have *really* helped me. 

  • I always make sure I pick up as I go along. That means moving things at least into their right rooms, if not straight back into their right places. Throughout the day, I pile everything that belongs upstairs on my bottom step. Then when I go upstairs I take as much as I can carry and leave it in the right rooms. This makes my life soo much easier and I can do a quick tidy up when I have five minutes. I generally don't have to go traipsing from room to room since everything is already in its right room.
  • You do NOT need a million different sprays to clean every single different surface. I fill an empty spray bottle with water, add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. This is anti-bacterial and smells much nicer than shop bought sprays. I use it on most things.
  • I do not use sponges to do my cleaning as they tend to store bacteria. I like to use crocheted cloths. They don't take long at all to make and the bright colours cheer me up while I'm doing my chores! I put them in a 60 degree wash after each use to keep them nice and clean.
  • I bought a cheap basket from Tesco and I use it to take my cleaning supplies from room to room. It makes lugging everything around so much easier. In my basket I keep my homemade anti-bacterial spray, a glass cleaner spray for my windows, my cleaning cloths, my magic eraser sponge, some binbags and a plughole unblocker. That is all I tend to use really.
  • I wash and dry my dishes as I use them. My kitchen is quite small so it gets messy very quickly if dishes are left unwashed on the side. I prefer to get them done and out of the way so the kitchen always looks clean. I wipe up any spills as soon as they happen aswell which really helps.
  • When I need to clean a room and my kids want to play with me, I give them a small job and let them do it while I do other jobs in the room. It makes them feel grown up and keeps them happy while I do what needs to be done. Yes, I generally have to go back and do it again afterwards but if the kids are happy and my house is clean then it's worth it.

Ok, now onto my cleaning rota. I have divided it up into sections: daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally. I use my diary to work out when I will be doing each task. The monthly and seasonal tasks can be done at any point in a week so I tend to just write it across the top of my diary page in whichever week I have set aside for that task. So long as I know it has to be done that week, I can usually fit it in somewhere with not too much trouble.


  • clean the toilet, inside and out
  • wash up, dry up and put away dishes as you use them
  • wash one load of clothes and hang to dry
  • clean kitchen sides and cooker top down
  • change teatowel
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • put clean clothes away


Monday: clean all three bedrooms and hoover
Tuesday: do meal plan for week and shopping list / do all ironing and put away
Wednesday: clean kitchen thoroughly / do food shop
Thursday: clean front room, sweep and mop floor / errand day
Friday: clean dining room, sweep and mop floor
Saturday: clean and hoover hall (upstairs and downstairs, including stairs) / clean bathroom, sweep and mop floor
Sunday: wash and dry all bedsheets


  • wash and dry all skirting boards, radiators and dado rails
  • clean back door, front door and both outside areas
  • clean windows inside and out
  • hoover mattresses and turn
  • wipe down inside kitchen cupboards


  • wash and dry all curtains
  • hoover underneath / behind heavy furniture
  • wash and dry duvets and pillows
  • sell / giveaway unworn clothes

I hope this post has been helpful to you. I think this is actually the first time I have ever written about cleaning so I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much to Chelsea for including me in this series. I've really enjoyed it so far and can't wait to see what's coming up in the next few weeks!