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Sizzlin' Summer Guest Contributor: Shaffer Sisters

Today's guest contributors are Al, Jo and Scary from Shaffer Sisters.  Make sure to check out their blog!

Hi, Get Your Crap Together readers. We are the 3 sister team from Shaffer Sisters; Jo, Al & Scary. When we received the invitation to post for "Organize Me!" series from Chelsea, I found myself laughing a little because life organizing is not our strong suit. Al came up with a good handout last year for a church activity on Home Organization. We have been so busy sewing and moving the last 6 months, much time or brain power to put towards organizing. This was a welcome challenge, to get our Organizing crap together.

We understand that organization is important but it is something we have yet to conquer. We have all struggled with since juggling work, college, husbands, and kids though a majority of our child raising years.

Here's a few little secrets about us Shaffer Sisters. Jo is a rock-star and can stay up all night cleaning and spend all day playing with the kids whenever she wants to (we have no idea how she does it). Scary is incredible about sanitizing spaces (counters, bathrooms, fridges, you name something that might need sanitized and she does it). Al possess the excessive need for organized, functional spaces (seriously, over summer breaks from school she would spend her whole summer organizing with her daughter). Each of us homemakers brings a different style and skill set to the table, but each of us could use with a little more routine to make make up for those those traits that aren't so splendid.

We've honestly tried about every type of cleaning/organizing system there is out there, but nothing seems to work (some are too strict, some are to flexible, some leave lists everywhere). Life is constantly changing and we have to be ready to adapt while still keeping order and love at home.

Originally Scary tried to come up with a cleaning list for the members of her family on a daily basis. The problem with this system it wasn't flexible for family outings, vacations or sickness. And it only took into account cleaning not the other things that occupy a busy mom's life.

The original concept was borrowed from an aunt and is a little complicated, but I will do my best to explain. She gave the idea to have a little recipe box with tabs that have the numbers 1-31 in it (for the days in a month). Then take note cards of 4 varying colors. If it's a daily job make it color 1, if it's every other day make it color 2, if it's weekly make it color 3, and if it's monthly make it color 4 (it would be good to have a personal key). Now according to the frequency of the job, make sure each chore is written on it's own card. If I were starting this on the 11th of the month, I would put all the daily chores behind the 11th tab. Then the every other day chores I would try to spread out so half were behind the 11th and the other half behind the 12th. The weekly chores would also get spread amongst that following week. If there's a certain day that you will be gone or don't clean (like Sunday the 14th), then skip that number and continue adding chore cards to the following days in that week (so I would be displacing the weekly chores amongst the 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, and 16th). Now for the monthly chore(s), find one day a month to do your chore and put that card in. It can change on a month-to-month basis.

Finally to using it: If I were starting this on the 11th I would do every chore that was listed behind the 11th tab. As I got a chore done I would move it to the next corresponding day (daily to the 12th, every other day to the 13th, weekly to the 18th). If I didn't get all the chores done because it was a crazy day, I would make sure the ones that I didn't get to are at the front of the next times tab so that I definitely get to them next time.

We have changed the original concept, ours is broken into Monday through Sunday, and Week 1-4 in a month. The cards will be color coded based on the family member who the activity involves. Children can receive rewards (ex. family outings, choosing the movie for family movie night) based on their timeliness in performing chores. 
This is an example of the cards that I have. I opened up Microsoft Word and changed the page size to 4 by 6.  Then I wrote the task and estimated a time that it would take to accomplish it.
Today for you we have four colored recipe cards with a design on them that you can print out for your family.
Mellow Yellow
Bright Pink
Come over to our blog tomorrow for coordinating tabs for your recipe master organizer.
With Love,
Al, Jo & Scary