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Sizzlin' Summer Guest Contributor: The Princess & Her Cowboys

Today's guest contributor is Britney from The Princess & Her Cowboys.  Make sure to check out her blog!

Hi all! I'm Britney from The Princess & Her Cowboys and I'm excited to share with you today. Organization is something that I'm working on lately but sometimes things have to get worse before they get better...so I will not be showing you the crazy amounts of fabric lying on my craft room floor right now.....

My family has a craft night every once in a while and it seems like I go with good intentions of working on a project but I always seem to forget something important....last time it was a needle! So sad I know! That is why I thought about making this little caddy to keep everything organized and make it easy to find the tools I need instead of throwing it all in a large bag and losing them.

 So the advantage I had of going through a bunch of my scraps was that I found a bunch of these fun fabrics!

I cut out the body to the size I wanted, which ended up being 15"x17". I chose to do the striped front and keep the solid green as the inside so I could use all the fun fabrics.
 The pink section was 6"x17". I ironed on some fusible web to the back to make it stronger as it will be holding scissors and other heavier items. I left room at the top to fold over for the seam.
 For the striped section, which will be for patterns and other items, it is about 5"x14". I sewed a hem around 3 sides because the last one will be covered. I only did the top seam for the pink.
 I attached the striped section sewing three sides. I decided to make one large and one smaller pocket.
 The pink section was next and I did varying sizes to hold different things. The biggest item I measured for was my rotary cutter.
 I made two of these pockets for smaller things, one of which are pins because I always forget them! The size was 2 1/2"x7". I hemmed in the edges and then pinned it into place. The top side is shorter to be the flap and then I sewed around the two sides and bottom to secure. You can add velcro, a button or whatever you want to keep it closed.
 I saw an example of a mini pin cushion and thought I'd add one. I sewed around three sides, leaving one side open and then turned it right side out. I stuffed with some batting  and then closed the hole.
 The easiest way I could think of to attach it was to hand sew so I attached it and two buttons for a spool of thread.
 Put the right sides of the front and back together and then place batting on back, pinning all around to secure. I cut a long piece of ribbon and pinned it on one side to help the caddy close. Turn it inside out and then top stitch.
 With a ribbon, I tied it securely around one button and after placing the spool of thread on, wrap it around the pink button.
Place all your tools in it.....

And then wrap it up with the ribbon. Now it will fit in a purse or bag and you won't be digging through everything to find what you need!

Good luck and check out all the other awesome ideas for organization in this series!