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Bumblebee Dress Review

(I have way too many "E"s in that! Oh Weell.  =))

Sewing Mama RaeAnna created the Bumblebee Dress.  It is ridiculously cute and super fun to make! 
She called for reviewers a few weeks ago and naturally, I was like ME ME ME!!  And I am so happy I did!
This is "View B".  It is a sleeveless version with ruffles that the neckline and ruffles at the bottom.  Super cute.  This is size 6 months on my 7 month old.
See!  I am loving the ruffles!!!
This is the bodice of View A.  (I kept the skirt for View B because I love the ruffle on the bottom)
I can't get over how cute she is in this picture.  And she didn't want to give up the hairbrush, so I let her keep it.
Notice those ruffles on the front bodice.  SO CUTE!  Killing me!
There are so many great ways to change up this pattern!  You can put ruffles on the sleeves, make the skirt shorter and shorter to wear with leggings.  So many choices, PLUS it is so cute no one can resist that sweet girly of yours.  It comes in sizes 3 month to 6!!  I know!  Can you say matching sisters, cousins and friends.

Go and Get one HERE