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Sizzlin' Summer Guest Contributor: Create, Imagine, Dream

Today's Guest Contributor is Alyssa @ Create, Imagine, Dream
Make sure to check out her Blog!!


Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to be joining Chelsea today and sharing one of my best kept organization secrets!

Before I begin, I want to introduce myself, my name is Alyssa and I blog at Create Imagine Dream.  My blog is about crafts, DIY, and recipes.  I just graduated from college in May and I started my career as a Junior Software Developer.  I am also getting married to the love in my life in 2 days!

I apologize for being so MIA this summer and for the next few weeks, but by September I will be back creating new posts!  I have at least 10 finished projects I am anxiously waiting to blog about.  In the meantime, check out my archives and follow me so you will be able to view all of my new crafts!

I want to share 3 steps with you to organize your email! Yes that is a picture of my current email...4 messages and thats it!

 photo OrganizeEmail_zps18ef69d8.jpg

Once you get your email organized, it is very easy to keep it that way!

If you ever want to know more, just go to my Contact Me page and ask!  You will probably have this figured out by the end of my post but my favorite email is Gmail so I will reference it a lot.

Here is how you can organize your inbox!

1. Your inbox is your to do list

Most people do not think of their inbox as a to do list so the inbox ends up having hundreds of emails. 

Anytime you receive an email ask yourself, "Do I need to address this later or do I need it to remember something?".  If the answer is no, then it should NOT be in your inbox.

How are you suppose to remember to do those things too if its email 50 out of 300?

Now you are probably asking, what do I do with it if I need it but do not need to address it.  I'm glad you asked...

2. Use Labels/Folders

These go hand in hand at least in Gmail so that is why I grouped them together.  If you do not need to address the email later, put it in a folder!  Clearly if it is trash, trash it.

What are some basic folders that you will need?

  • Keep
  • Pictures
  • Receipts
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-28at51723PM_zps5e5ff148.png

I have other folders for big things in my life like the wedding, house, and my job but you can add those as you see fit.

If I need to go back to emails, I know what folder to go into and then I can do an easy search inside the folder for the email I need.  They clean up my inbox since they aren't a to do but they are still available when I need them!

The other option is a label for Gmail users.  It does not move your email from the inbox but instead appears in both the inbox and folder.  When it is in the inbox, it has the label next to the subject.

Labels are amazing for our next step...

3. Filters

Last but definitely not least are filters!  These are so incredibly powerful.

What do you do with all of those Facebook emails that you don't need to look at every time they enter your inbox?  You filter them to a folder!

Based on different criteria you can automatically have all messages go to a folder, have a label, or even be deleted.  

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-28at53621PM_zpsa946acde.png

You can save a ton of time not having to go through emails that you don't need to just by applying a filter.

If you apply a label with the filter, you can easily look at your inbox and see what each email has to do with.  If your first priority when you check your email is things from your significant other, great, you will know exactly which ones those are!

By doing just those three things, you can have an email that is clean and easy to use without losing important emails!

Don't forget, your inbox is your to do list!

Thank you Chelsea for having me guest post!  

Good luck keeping your email organized!