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PR&P: Bumblebee Dress Coat Tutorial

I LOVE the Bumblebee Dress by Sewing Mama RaeAnna.  Many of you have seen it but if you haven't, make sure to check out my review of it HERE.  But the Mad for Plaid theme really made it all come together!

This dress provided me with the inspiration to make the Bumblebee Coat Dress for my little girl.  So I put together this tutorial on how to make your own with the pattern.
The coat is lined around the bodice but not on the dress.  This allows the skirt to flow but makes it not so heavy.

The back has a little pleat to make it allow for some "stretch".   I also lengthened the sleeves and cut the ruffle in half.

What You'll Need:
Bumblebee Pattern by Sewing Mama RaeAnna
Main fabric (I have a suiting fabric that is a wool blend)
Lining fabric (I used cotton, but you could use flannel)
Buttons or Velcro 

You'll need to cut out your fabric pieces.  I used View A.
-Front Bodice:  Use your back bodice pieces as a starting off point.  Place the side front piece on the bodice back and draw a line where you need to cut in half.
-Back Bodice:  Use the front piece for the back.  However, add 1/2" to the fold so you can have a pleat.
-Lining:  Cut bodice pieces the same as above, however, for the front, cut the center pieces in your main fabric not lining fabric.  (It will make sense later.)
-Sleeve: Add inches for long sleeve length.  (I added 4 or 5 and then cut it to the size I wanted before adding the ruffle.)
-Neck ruffle:  I used the neck ruffle measurements for view B.  You'll have too much but you can cut it down.
-Skirt:  Cut 2 skirts but add 1" to the front skirt and then cut it exactly in 1/2

Begin by attaching your ruffles to the middle/front pieces of the coat.  Then sew the side pieces on.
For the back piece, you'll need to sew 2 pleats.  One to the neckline and one to the waist.  They only need to be about 1" long.  This will allow the back of the coat to "open" and stretch with wearing.
You can kind of see that in this picture.

Once you have the front and back done, attach the front pieces to the back pieces at the shoulder seam.

Next, you will sew your neck ruffle.  Fold the long piece in half, add a basting stitch and pull bobbin thread to make the ruffle.  Attach the ruffle around the ENTIRE neckedge, from the middle of the neck back to the front.  Pin in place and stitch it down.  

Set this aside for now.

To create the coat lining, stitch the front/middle and front/side pieces together.
Stitch the back lining to the front at the shoulder seams.

With RST, attach the lining to the bodice front at the neckedge.  PIN!  You will stitch it in place around the neckedge but also down center front on both sides.  Trim and clip your seams.  Make sure you press it so that all the seams will lay flat.

Now take your sleeve that you have lengthened, add your basting stitch at the top and pull to ruffle.  Place it on the bodice front with right sides together.  If you need some help with this, check out this tutorial for doing set in sleeves.
Okay, so your bodice should look like this.
(I didn't do a step for the ruffles on the sleeve.  I used the measurements in the Bumblebee Pattern and then I folded my piece in half so the raw edges were both sewn to the sleeve.  I hope that makes sense!)

You can add your buttons and buttonholes now, but obviously I waited.

You should have 3 skirt pieces.  2 front and 1 back.  Finish center front raw edges of both front pieces.  Do this by pressing the center seams to the wrong side 1/4" and another 1/4" and stitching in place.  Next, stitching the side seams of the front to the side seams of the back, with RST.

Add a basting stitch at the top of you skirt and pull to make ruffles.

Now, attach your skirt to your bodice with RST.  ONLY ATTACH THE SKIRT TO THE BODICE FRONT not the lining.  Notice in the picture above the lining is folded up.  Once you have pinned you skirt to you bodice, stitch it in place.

Grade your seams so they will lay flat.  Iron your seams up towards the neckedge.

Pull your lining down.  Fold the bottom edge of your lining down so it will lay over your skirt seams.  Fold 1/4" of the lining under so the raw edge isn't showing.  Then pin the lining to the skirt (as seen in the picture)

Topstitch the lining to the dress.  You could also handstitch it, but I like the look of the topstitching.
You can see above the stitching on the lining.

Now put it on that cute kid of yours and go play outside!


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