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Chalkboard Trick or Treat Printable

Hi there!  My name is Brooke Duncan.  You can usually find me over at Blissful Roots, but today I'm so excited to be here participating in the 31 Days of Halloween.  

Halloween is my favorite time of year!  I'm so glad Chelsea is doing 31 days of Halloween ideas.  There really is something fun to be doing or making every day of this month, so take advantage of it!  We do a Halloween countdown at our house so we don't miss out on a single day of celebrating.

Trick or Treat Printable from Blissful Roots
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I have a fun Halloween printable to share with you today.  If you've ever visited me at Blissful Roots, then you probably know of my LOVE for PicMonkey.  They have the best themes and overlays for every holiday.  I had so much fun putting this printable together.  I'm in love with anything chalkboard right now, and it provides the perfect background for the orange and white images.  

This printable is an 8 x 10.  Here's a little tip for you on printing chalkboard backgrounds.  I printed a few chalkboard images at home last month, and then had no black ink left.  The black background gobbles it right up (go figure)!  So, I like to email my printables to my local UPS store, and then go pick them up.  Their color copies are only 40 cents.  I don't mind paying that instead of using up all my black ink on for one printable.

I sure hope you enjoy today's printable.  Thanks so much for letting me take a bit of your time!  And thank you, Chelsea for letting me be here.  Come and visit me at Blissful Roots anytime!

Happy Halloween!