31 Days of Halloween: Burlap Pumpkins

Each year my mom and I go to our favorite hobby and decor stores during the fall just to see what they have come up with.  It gets us in the fall mood.

This year, we saw loads of burlap, as I am sure you have seen.  So I was inspired to make some burlap pumpkins.  

Materials Needed:
1/4 yd burlap
Felt (orange, yellow or green)
Grocery Sacks or Cotton Stuffing

First, you'll need to create your pattern.  You'll need an oval shape with pointed ends.  (Kind of a football shape.)  You can make them short and fat or tall.  Just depends on the look you want.  

Next, cut out 5 pieces in your burlap.

Place your burlap pieces with wrong sides together.  You'll be sewing the raw edge on the outside.  Continue sewing your pieces together until you have one edge left to sew.

Leave this edge open.

Take your felt and make a "heart shape" and a rectangle for the leaf and the stem.

Roll up the rectangle piece like a fruit roll up.  Place it into the open edge of your pumpkin and sew the layers together.

Now you are going to stuff your pumpkin.  I have a little rice bag that I put on the bottom so the pumpkin won't move around.  I also used grocery sacks to stuff my pumpkin.  It was a great way to reuse some items and they still have movement so you can shape your pumpkin.

Stuff your pumpkin.  I think my bigger pumpkin took about 12 grocery sacks and the little one maybe 9.  Stitch your pumpkin closed.

Place the leaf on one of the pumpkin grooves and sew it in place.

And Voila!!  You have some super simple and super cute burlap pumpkins!! 

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