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Halloween Word Board

Hey all! I'm Britney from The Princess & Her Cowboys and excited to share a little Halloween fun with you today! To make this Halloween Word Board is pretty simple and the hardest part was putting on the vinyl!

Materials you'll need:

Paint in whatever colors you want

Sealer (I like to use this if my wood is untreated--it will use up less of your paint)
Board cut to the size you want
Vinyl lettering
Painter's tape 

First of all, I painted the board the lime green color, mixed with some of the sealant (read the instructions for the ratio of paint to sealant you need to use)

Then I taped off different sections with the painter's tape.
 From there I decided which sections I wanted to be purple and kept on painting. I did 2-3 coats of the purple to get it a the color I wanted and to hide any green that was shining through.
 Make sure that the paint is completely dry before removing it so it doesn't bleed into the other sections. If there is some that manages to get through, carefully touch up with the color that you want.
 Next, apply the vinyl lettering. I actually bought this last year at a boutique but there are a lot of Etsy shops and other places that sell fun vinyl like this.

Use a coin, popsicle stick or your thumbnail to go over the letters before trying to peel off, especially when there are a lot of words and a lot of little dots. This will make your life so much easier once you have to take off the paper.

And there you go! There wasn't a whole lot of room left over but you can dress it up a little with some ribbon or bows. Have fun and make sure to share your projects!

Britney blogs at The Princess & Her Cowboys about sewing, DIY crafts and a little bit of everything else going on in her life. She loves to be outdoors or reading a book. Stop on by to say hi and check out other projects she's done!