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Pumpkinhead Knit Hat

 Hi I'm Kelly at Roots and Wings, where I talk mostly about my life as an ovarian cancer survivor.  I did a lot of crocheting when I was going through treatment so crochet patterns and ideas show up on the blog from time to time.  I only use photos from my phone for my blog, so while they aren't the best, they still work!

I sell a lot of cute holiday hats on my website Pumpkinhead Knits and I always wonder how much use a baby can get out of one holiday hat before another holiday comes around.  In order to fix that problem I've come up with an interchangeable hat that can change with the seasons.

First, make a basic hat in a color that will adapt with the change in holidays.  It could be white, winter white, orange or green.  I chose winter white for mine and got the pattern from Alli Crafts. Its my favorite pattern right now, especially since the ribbed border makes a good line for this project.  

Next, embellishments.  Choose applique pattern.  I found a great package of free patterns from Oodles of Noodles.  I chose a pumpkin and candy corn. 

Photo Credit Carrie Piper - Oodles 4 Noodles

After that, choose a color you'd like for a stripe around the hat.  I mixed green and orange  together for the pumpkin and yellow for the candy corn.  Simply chain stitch until you get one long enough to wrap around the hat, leaving a string on both sides to tie together.

Sew the applique on to your chain stitch strip, about about 1/4 a way in (so that it is off to the side of the hat).  

Thread your chain stitch strip through a blue yarn needle.  

Placing the hat flat on the table in front of you, sew strip through the one of the stitches on the fold of the hat.  

Flip the hat over and sew the end into the hat, about halfway across the back. 

Repeat on the other side. 

Turning the hat inside out, simply tie the two ends of the chain stitch strip together.  

If necessary, weave the loose end through the inside of the hat.

Flip the hat back over and Voila! 

As the holiday changes, you can easily change the design instead of buying a new hat! Extra  appliques can be used as headbands for little girls as well.

Happy Halloween!