Holiday Cleaning for Organize Me!! For the Holidays

Perhaps the most important part of getting organized for the holiday's is getting your house ready!!

My mom convinced me this year to really work to deep clean my house and be ready for the upcoming holidays.  At first I was like, "NO".  But as I got going, I realized how good it felt to have the house cleaned and how much better everything smelled!

So today I am going to share my Holiday Cleaning List with you!!

I took about 3 weeks to clean my house.  I am finishing it up this week!  So excited to have a nice organized and clean house!

Download the printable today from our Resource Library

 I thought I'd show some of the progress I made on cleaning.  These are from my clean pantry!
Makes a difference when you reorganize!
These drawers were terrible!!  Now they are so clean I can find anything I need!

Now don't try to do everything in one day!  Take a week or two or even three!  Start now and just work to get it done!
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