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Organize with the Beachy Summer Tote

I love our Beachy Summer Tote Pattern in our Etsy Shop.  It is so useful for so many things.  It makes a great beach or pool tote bag for the summer.  But it has so many uses.

It is a great tote for organizing your home.
Summer Chevron Beach Tote Bag by GYCT

You can use it to organize your craft supplies!  This is one of my tote bags in my sewing room.  It holds pens and pencils, dyes, rulers, pliers, etc.  It is great because I can move it from one place to another really easily.

Summer Chevron Beach Tote Bag by GYCT

Second, you can use this tote bag for all your cleaning supplies.  You could grab some coated cotton or oilcloth and make a bag that is easy to clean and great for toting around your house.

Summer Chevron Beach Tote Bag by GYCT

I use mine as the diaper bag for our baby!  The outside pockets are the perfect size for diapers, wipes, toys and even bottles.  The big inner pocket can hold a blanket, toys, clothes, anything you can think of to fill it with.

Summer Chevron Beach Tote Bag by GYCT

Lastly, use it to organize all those baby things.  Use it to organize your baby's "fancy creams and lotions".

Summer Chevron Beach Tote Bag by GYCT

This really is a great organizing tool, but also very cute and fashionable!  Grab your copy of the Beachy Summer Tote in our Crafty Shop too!!!
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