FREE Fox Coin Purse Pattern and Tutorial

We have foxes.  No not like pets.  Mostly they just come onto our property and eat our chickens.  Despite the fact that they eat my chickens, they are pretty darn cute.  And my kids like to watch them.

Since we have foxes, it is only natural that they LOVE "What Does the Fox Say?"  My baby girl can even sing along to parts.  (Never mind that my 4 year old knows the entire song.  I blame my husband.)  So I figured for this months FREE pattern, I would make a Fox Coin Pouch.  

Free Fox Coin Pouch Pattern by GYCT

Once I was done sewing up this cute fox, my son wouldn't let me have it to take pictures.  Aren't kids fun!!  I am glad he liked it.  I thought, I have got to share.  I know my kid isn't the only one in love with the fox.  So today, you can get the Fox Pattern and Tutorial for FREE too!!!!  (Lucky duck, or should I say Fox.)

Watch me sew this coin pouch and the Hanging Towel Pattern

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I decided to have a few of friends test the pattern for me.  That way I could make it all nice a pretty and I could add it to my shop.  So if you would like the pattern you can download the FREE Fox Coin Pouch Pattern by subscribing to our resource library.  If you decide to whip up your own adorable fox, you'll need the following items:

Free Fox Coin Pouch Pattern by GYCT

Materials Needed:
1/8 yard main fabric
Scrap fabric
Heat n' Bond/Transfer Paper

Can't wait to see all your great Fox Coin Pouches!  

Happy Sewing!

Free Fox Coin Pouch Pattern by GYCT

Go grab your FREE Fox Coin Pouch from our Free Resource Library and get sewing!!!  And don't forget to share pictures in our Facebook Group.  

Download the pattern today from our Resource Library

Fox coin pouch