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Cleaning and Decluttering Schedule by Lulu & Celeste

Hi! Ula here from Lulu & Celeste! I'm happy to be a part of GYCT's Sizzlin' Summer Series. I mostly share about the pattern testing I do over on my blog but I'm working on posting more about the crafts I do with my girls and other things. Thank you for having me Chelsea!

Organization is something that I struggle with somewhat, and I must confess that only just recently started using some of Chelsea's organization printables. The ones I've used are so helpful! Besides using a family binder, there are two major things that are helping me to get organized that I've been working on the last few months are decluttering and keeping to cleaning schedule. I find that when the house is relatively clean (it is not spotless by far!) I am able to focus better. When the place is cluttered, my brain feels cluttered, ha. So, a little cleaning is necessary from time to time. (Bonus: I get more sewing done when I don't feel guilty about the house being a mess. Of course, then my sewing room is a mess after). I hate cleaning, so I've found that doing a little bit every day seems to help me keep a handle on everything. 

Here's what my cleaning schedule looks like:

You can download a blank copy here.

Most of the chores are quick and the 4-year-old 'makes' her own bed (not perfect but that's ok!) so I'm only making my own bed really. The morning routine takes about 30 minutes most days. 

Where it says "Chore of the day" that's when I do the chore under "Weekly" depending on what day it is. The days where I'm doing the mopping are the days when the morning routine takes longer than 30 minutes. That takes all morning as I have to do it in stages, working around wherever the kids are playing, and depending on the baby's tolerance for being stuck in the Exersaucer. 

For the decluttering task I basically choose an area in the kitchen/living room and try to declutter it for 15 minutes max. Beyond 15 minutes my motivation wanes.

The top of the piano is one spot that turns into a catchall for our stuff and gets tackled during the decluttering often.

The longest chore is the folding and putting away of laundry, and if you see on my laundry schedule Fridays are mostly for doing catch up (in case I missed a day with doctor's appointments or whatnot). See! I take care of my sanity, too. For the laundry I do 1-2 loads per day depending on if I missed a day or not, or if there were a lot of delicates or something. Usually by the time breakfast clean up is done, it's time to put the second load in the wash. (I start the first load after getting the kids their breakfast). 

The cleaning tasks on my schedule take about an hour per day spread out over the whole day. Then once a month on a Friday I tackle some bigger jobs like cleaning the craft room or the kids rooms.

What I've found helpful while I'm cleaning is having this handy carrying tote to take around the house with me from spot to spot.

Inside the tote I keep:

  • Window/glass cleaner
  • Spray bottle of an all purpose cleaner
  • a Mr. Clean magic eraser (for spot cleaning walls and cupboard drawers)
  • Two rags (one for windows and one for the heavier cleaning)
  • pair of gloves
At the end of the cleaning session, I rinse off the gloves (if they're not the disposable types, otherwise throw them out and grab a new pair!) and I put the dirty rags in the laundry room and put two new clean ones in the tote ready for the next cleaning session!

And those are a couple of ways I try to keep sane organized! Thank you for having me Chelsea!

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