Last Minute Witch Costume from House of Estrela

Hello GYCT readers. My name's Magda E. and I blog over House of Estrela. Last year, I was part of the 31 Days of Halloween, and as I already said back then, I am from Portugal, where Halloween wasn't really celebrated until a few years ago. However, kids get to wear witches and other horror creatures for school and some even go trick or treating... 

My daughter needed a costume for the school themed party, but I didn't want to invest in a very complexe costume, because February is when we have parades and everything - for Carnival. I wanted to make something quick and easy, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I wish I hadn't accidentaly lose the photos for a tutorial, first photoshoot included. Because of that, i don't have step by step photos, still, I will try to explain all the steps I took to get this look.

What I used:
- store bought witch hat from last year, the elastic was broken and it didn't stay in her head, so I had to come up with a solution. 
- old tights that didn't fit her anymore - I just cut them and used as socks. 
- plain black shirt
- red ribbon
- red tulle
- black fabric
- black 2"/5cm wide elastic 

How I used it:
For the hat I just had to sew two red ribbon pieces to each side of the hat (inside) and tight it on her neck so it could stay in place. She jumped and it passed the test. 
I pinned the crossed red ribbon to the shirt and then stitched with a zig zag - the good thing about it is that I can unpick it later and she will still use it as a plain black shirt, perfect for layering. 

The skirt was the only thing I had to sew from stretch and it was really simple. I've cut three fabric stripes, two in the red tulle and one in the black fabric. The height will depend on your child's size and how long you want it to be. The weight was the same of the fabric pieces. First I sew each of the stripes as a tube. Then put them all together, being the black fabric on top, and gathered the top. I've divided the lenght in 4, and cut an elastic piece the size of my daughter's waist. Divided and pin the elastic in 4 as well. Matched the notches/pins in both fabrics and elastic and pinned together. Stitched, and then I only had to hem the black skirt. The tulle was left slightly longer to peek. I also used the tulle to give the skirt some body and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

And we had a witch costume for her to wear in her school party. In another note, the broom and the silhuettes we used for the photoshoot were made many years ago, for my birthday party decorations, 'cuz you know, my birthday's just two days before Halloween! 

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