Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial for 12 Days of Christmas

I love the holiday season.  What better way to enjoy the season than with mittens in the snow.  Make your own mittens and display them for the season on your mantel or tree.  Make them even more special by using your little ones hand prints to create the template, or you can print ours.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT

Materials Needed:
Several Sheets of Colored Felt
1 Pkg Embroidery Floss
Polyester Fiberfill
2" pieces of Ribbon
3-4 feet of Ribbon

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT
Begin with your mitten template.  Cut out 2 pieces of felt for each mitten.  I cut out 10 mittens for my garland.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT

Next grab your embroidery floss.  Take one strand, unwind it and take from that 2 pieces of floss.  Then thread your needle.  You will be using a blanket stitch to stitch together your mittens.  You can see below the basics of a blanket stitch.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT

Go around your entire mitten with the blanket stitch, leaving only the straight edge at the bottom open.  

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT
Take your fiberfill and stuff your mittens.  You don't want them to puffy, but you do want some shape to them.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT

Now you will need ribbon and rectangle pieces of felt.  This rectangle only needs to be big enough to cover the straight edge opening on the bottom of the mittens.  Fold the rectangle in half at the bottom of the mitten and pin.  Loop your ribbon and place it in between the mitten and rectangle and pin.  Stitch around the rectangle to keep all the pieces in place.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT
Repeat all the steps with each of your mittens.  You should have at least 10.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT
Take your 3 feet of ribbon and thread your mittens onto the ribbon.  Space them about 5" apart.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT
Thread your needle with thread and tack your mittens to the ribbon.  Repeat with all the ribbons.

Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial by GYCT

Now hang your garland.  You can put it on the tree, or outside on a fence or hang it from the mantel.
Winter Mitten Garland Tutorial GYCT

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  1. So cute Chelsea! And I love that you used your kids hand print. <3

  2. Very cute Chelsea :) I think I need to make these :)

  3. Looking very nice Superb, I really love these designs, you are an amazing designer.