How to Make Holiday Bunting

I love holidays!  More importantly, I love to decorate for holidays.  As many as I can.  One of my go to decorating projects for each holiday is making holiday bunting to put on my mantel.  I love having a mantel to decorate.  

Of course, making bunting for each holiday usually happens right before the holiday happens.  

Thankfully, this is a super quick sew and can be done with very little fabric.

Free Valentine and Holiday Bunting Pattern

Not only does bunting add a cute touch for the holidays but it is a great way to incorporate fun fabrics and textiles to your room.  And who doesn't love fabric.  AM I RIGHT?


The other great thing about this bunting is it is a perfect project for kids too!  They can pick the fabric and sew it all up with just a bit of help.  It's a great way to decorate a bedroom or make a banner for a birthday party.


Now, if you are done with all the triangle bunting we've got you covered.  As I was thinking of the holidays, I wanted to come up with a fun bunting to add to my nativity scene.  That's how this star bunting was born.  Won't this be perfect for when we pull out the nativity?  

How to make a star bunting pdf pattern

Or use these adorable stars to create a festive patriotic mantel for the 4th of July.  Isn't it cute!!

Love it!!

Today you can grab our Holiday Bunting Pattern!  And it's FREE!! Hooray for Free!!  All you have to do is download it HERE from our Free Resource Library.

Also, check out our little video on how to make those star corners nice and pointed!  

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Free Valentine and Holiday Bunting Pattern

Create your own fun mantel decorations with this free star bunting pdf pattern.  Perfect for Christmas and 4th of July decorating

Free Valentine and Holiday Bunting Pattern