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Fold-Out Bow Box Tutorial

Anyone else have ridiculous amount of ponies and princess toys at their house?  Or even dinosaurs and cars?  We are so fortunate as to have both.  {Slight sarcasm here people.}  

But really....there's a lot of them and they needed a better home.  Enter the free Fold-Out Bow Box pattern to the rescue.    Sewn Storage box with bow tie

My 5 year old wanted to put them on the shelf in her closet and I wanted them to be accessible and still have a cute way to decorate her room.  That is how the Fold-Out Bow Box Tutorial was born.

Sewn Storage box with bow tie

See look how nice those ponies look in their new home.  It folds out completely flat or you can have just one side open.  

Little girl with fold out toy box and ponies

Materials Needed:
Fold-Out Bow Box PDF Pattern  - it's free, just download it from our Free Resource Library
1 yard of main fabric
1 yard of lining fabric
1 yard of thick  interfacing or thick felt (I used felt)
Grommet tool kit - which you need to attach the eyelets 

Grommets and grommet tool kit

Step 1
Cut out Fold-Out Bow Box Pattern in main fabric, lining and interfacing/felt.  Once they are cut out, with Right Sides Together (RST) place the main fabric and lining fabric together.  Then add the interfacing/felt layer over the top of both.  Stitch all 3 layers together using a 1/2" seam allowance.  Make sure to leave a 3-4" opening so you can turn your box right side out.

Box pattern cut out

Step 2
Trim corners. Now turn the box right side out through the 3-4" opening.
cutting corners on box pattern

Step 3
Press your box.  Topstitch around the entire box.

flat box pattern

Step 4
Using your pattern as a guide, mark where you will place each of your eyelet grommets.  Take scissors and cut out a small circle where each of your markings are.  This will help the grommet to go in easier.
grommets added to a box pattern

Step 5
Follow the instructions on the package of your grommets to install.  Use a nice brick or solid piece of wood underneath to get the proper set.
using grommet tool to add grommets

using grommet tool to add grommets

grommets added to fabric box pattern
Step 6
Grab a piece of ribbon and loop it through two of the grommets like the picture below.  Then take the next 2 grommets and look the ribbon through the same way.  This will ensure that the 4 grommets are all stacked in a row on top of each other. 

ribbon bow laced through fabric box

Now tie your bow.  Repeat with the opposite side.

Fold-Out storage bin made from fabric

Fold-Out storage bin made from fabric

You did it!  Isn't it so cute!  

Sewn Storage box with bow tie

Then you can fill it up with all those ponies and princesses.  Or cars and dinosaurs.  Or maybe your fabric stash or your accessories for you vinyl cutting machine.  

Little girl with fold out toy box and ponies

I seriously am in love with this box.  And so is this cutie pie!

Little girl with fold out toy box

I'd love to see your creations.  Download the pattern below and then make sure to join our GYCT Facebook group or share on instagram and tag @gyctdesigns.

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