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Welcome to GYCT Designs!!!
You've been brought to this page because you want one of our Free Patterns, SVG files or Printables.
And we want you to have access to them all....


That's right, here at GYCT Designs we've taken all of our awesome FREE patterns and printables and put them in one place!  Now you only have to open one page on our website and you have full access to ALL our free patterns and printables.  Let me say, we have a TON of free stuff.

How do you get access??  
Simply join our mailing list and you'll get the password and link to resource library right to your inbox!

But why should I sign up for the GYCT Resource Library?

How about some printables to keep you organized during the year.

Free Resouce Library

Whatever you are here for, we have the what you are looking for.  Just subscribe to our weekly newsletter and you'll get the password to our Resource Library.

In the future, if you are looking for a pattern for one of our new posts, you can head over to the resource library and you'll be able to download it easily.

GYCT Designs Subscriber Resource Library has tons of free sewing patterns and printable organizers.  You'll gain access to all of them for free.


  1. No pop up and I am on the mailing list!

  2. Same here, on mailing list but no pop up.

  3. Thanks for letting me know everyone! Problem is being fixed. New email should be going out shortly.

  4. Congratulations on your new library .
    But, I am not able to connect to it. Suggestions?
    TIA ,

    1. Carole, if you are already a subscriber, you should have a correction email in your inbox with the correct site. If you are a new subscriber, make sure to check your email as well. You'll have an email with the link and password. Make sure to check your junk or SPAM folders.

  5. I just signed up for you site, and got the password and entered it, but I can never get the link to the actual pattern pieces to take me anywhere other than back to this page. I need the pattern pieces for the backsak!