Easy Beginner Sewing Projects for Free

Did you just get a sewing machine?  You are so ready to get started sewing, but maybe you aren't exactly sure where to start.  Perhaps you've taken the time to learn all the parts of your sewing machine.  You have even mastered how to thread your sewing machine.  But now, you aren't sure what your first project or two should be.

That's okay.  That's why we are here!  We've put together a list of simple, easy and free beginner sewing projects.  That means all you have to do is scroll the list and decide where to start.  You're biggest problem now will be deciding which of these great beginner sewing projects you should start with.

As you browse through all these great beginner projects, take a moment to pick one or two you think you can start with.  Don't try to conquer them all in one try.  You can always come back for more ideas and inspiration.

Fabric Doorstop from Swoodson Says

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