How to Make a Mermaid Pillow

I've got a mermaid at my house.  She is 5.  Has long red hair.  Enjoys playing in the pool or bathtub...daily.  Loves belting out songs from any musical or just some she has made up on the spot. She truly is my little mermaid.  And requests ALL the mermaid things.  Which means a mermaid pillow.  I couldn't disappoint her.  

Have you ever sewn on sequin fabric?  Not my favorite.  There is a lot more work involved and hoping to find the awesome mermaid fabric.  Which turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be.  I just jumped over to Etsy and found exactly what I was looking for.  And it shipped quick.  What probably took longer, was getting my fabric prepped.

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Now, I don't want to scare you.  Because sequin fabric is not scary, but if you want your sewing machine to live through the experience, you do need to make sure to use a heavier weight needle and prep your fabric so you won't end up sewing over sequin pieces and breaking needles.  Let's get started!

Materials Needed
Mermaid Sequin Fabric aka Sequin, two toned, reversible fabric {I got mine on Etsy from this shop but you can get it on Amazon too.}
Garbage Scissors {That just means scissors you don't mind making dull}
Hand Sewing Needle

Step 1
Use some paper and cut out a pattern for the size of pillow that you would like.  You don't need to worry about seam allowances because you will do that a little later.  Place your pattern on your fabric.  You can try to pin it or just place some weights on it.

Step 2
Using a needle and thread, stitch a basting stitch around the pattern.  I would suggest using a contrasting thread that will show up on your sequin fabric.  You'll want to be able to see it.

Step 3
Remove pattern and stitch a second line 1/2" above your first line all the way around.  This will mark your seam allowance on your pillow.

Step 4
Get out those "garbage" scissors.  Now you will be cutting out all the sequin pieces that are in between the 2 basting stitches you put on the fabric.  Yes, you are trimming them out completely.  Just make sure not to cut through the fabric.  Just the sequin.  It will get messy, so you might want to lay out a sheet or trim them out over a garbage can.  {They fly all over the place.}

Step 5
Cut your pillow piece out cutting as close to the edge of your seam allowance.

Repeat Step 1-5 for the other side of your pillow.

Step 6
Place your 2 pillow pieces with right sides together and pin or clip where you can.  

Step 7
Stitch the 2 pieces together but leave a 2-3" opening to place your fiber fill in.

Step 8
Clip your corners and turn pillow right side out.  Stuff with fiber fill.

Step 9
Using your hand needle, stitch your pillow closed.  Need help on how to stitch your pillow closed?  Check out this great post.

One thing to think about is what direction your design moves.  Some directions are easier to draw or make letters.  So play with your mermaid fabric a bit before you decide which direction to cut your pillow.

You're done!  Now you can sit on your couch and draw on your pillow all day long.  It is actually very therapeutic.  Not only does my little mermaid love hers, but big brother had to have one too.  He loves his just as much if not more than she does.  

Wouldn't one of these make a great gift for a mom or dear friend?!  Just buy a yard of fabric and you can do an assembly line of fun mermaid pillows.  Give them as gifts to everyone this year.  They are a great stress relief.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I was wonder how to sew over sequence, now I see that you don't. Big Help! :)

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  3. Thanks for the tips for sewing with sequin fabric. Your pillows look great.

  4. Good tip with using your "garbage scissors" that fabric sure will make them dull. Very pretty pillow

  5. That's great!! My daughter loves those sequins!

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