Clever DIY Gifts for Men

Shopping for the men in my life is probably the hardest gift of my year.  Why?  Because my husband and father and father-in-law never really "needs" or "wants" anything.  So it can super tricky to figure out what to do for them.  

My husband is probably the hardest.  I've done it all from gifts, to DIY projects to coupon books or even an entire year of date ideas.  Sure he appreciated them all, but none were really a hit.  I decided this year I would rather just make him something that is practical and he could use every single day.
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I find that if I make him something useful and usually unique and clever, he is much more likely to use it.  Perhaps the men in your life are the same.  That why we've come up with a list of practical yet clever DIY gifts for men.  In hopes that all your hard work in creating this gift will be enough for him to appreciate that you came up with something useful as well.

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