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About Me

Hi, I’m Chelsea!

I'm a wife, mother and former Family and Consumer Science Teacher (aka Home Economics).  I started this blog in 2010 as a way to help me “Get My Crap Together”.  I often found that the skills I taught my high school students everyday didn’t translate back into my own home.  You know like cooking, sewing, crafting, cleaning, folding laundry (eck…I hate this one) and organizing.  I didn’t think that was right.  I figured if I was accountable to someone (other than myself) I might actually get something accomplished.  Boy was I right!!!

I have found I am more efficient, which means more time with these crazy kids!!

More organized, which means less stress on my marriage.
And just overall, happier!!!

One of my favorite topics to teach is sewing. I love using sewing as a way to organize my home, create for my family and as a stress relief. I've taught sewing for over 12 years to all ages and skill levels. Sewing is one of my passions and biggest drive here on my blog.

As you explore, you'll find not only do I love sewing but creating in general. From vinyl crafts to recipes to simple ways to organize your home and family. I love to share what works for me in Hope's it could work for you.

I often get questions from people about starting to sew or where to get specific sewing supplies.  I am always happy to share the products I use and love.  That's why I complied a few resources for those who might be interested in what I use to get my crap together.