Learn to Sew with Sewing Basics 101

Have you been wanting to learn to sew for years?  Or maybe someone just gifted you your first sewing machine?  Perhaps you just need to brush up on some skills you use to have but have forgotten.

No matter what your reason to learn to sew, you probably need a little help getting started.  Maybe you've already taken your machine out of the box but you just aren't quite sure what to do next.

We've got you covered!  Enroll in our free course

Sewing Basics 101:
Learn to sew from the comfort of your home

For 12+ years, I've been teaching sewing to novice sewists just like you.  I've had loads of good {and bad} sewing experiences and love to take my experiences and help make your experience with a sewing machine positive.

During this course you'll receive valuable advice on how to understand your sewing machine, what fabrics to use, how to do basic sewing techniques, and best of all, I'll provide you with patterns to help you become more comfortable with sewing.

Lessons will cover topics like what tools every sewist needs, understanding fabric, parts of the sewing machine and how to layout and cut your fabric and pattern.  You'll also learn how to thread your machine and be given practice tips and tools.  Finally, you'll learn how to finish a project so it looks clean and ready to use.  As an added plus, you'll receive a few surprise bonus lessons with ideas for your first sewing projects.

If you are worried that you won't be able to get through all the lessons, don't worry.  You'll have access to each lesson right in your email inbox.  You can save it and come back to it later when you have some time to really work

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