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Resource Page

When you love to sew, you often get questions from people about starting to sew or where to get specific sewing supplies.  I am always happy to share the products I use and love.  That's why I created this resource page.  Now everything you want or need is complied in one place just for you.  

Note:  This post does contains some affiliate links to products I recommend.  I do make a portion off any you may purchase.  See full disclosure here.

Sewing Products and Supplies

Sewing is my passion.  That means I have a TON of sewing supplies and have blogged about a LOT of it.  

Bernina 830

The Sewing Machine that I use  it is the Bernina 830 machine from the 1970's.  It is a workhorse and I love Bernie.  But that is not the same machine I learned to sew on.

I learned to sew on a Singer 1120 sewing machine which is very similar to the Singer Simple 3232.  It is a pretty basic machine and comes with a few stitches and a few different sewing feet.  But it is a great beginner machine.  For a complete list of machines I'd recommend check our our List of Best Beginner Sewing Machines.

I also have a great embroidery machine.  In case you are in the market for one. 

 And you can't sew without the proper tools.  So these are  10+ of my favorite and most essential sewing tools  

Or simple go check out my Amazon store for all the great products that I use and love.

Vinyl Crafts and Products

Vinyl crafting is my other favorite hobby.  I have used and own both Cricut and Silhouette products.  Is one better than the other?  Not really.  They each have really great qualities depending on what you are looking for.  Which products do I use?

Cricut Maker and the Cricut Easy Press - I love my Cricut.  It cuts great, it works with vinyl and fabric and I can create so many neat designs and products.  With the Easy Press I can make amazing HTV designs.

Silhouette Cameo 3 - I love Silhouette's software.  It is super user friendly and they have some really great vinyl products you can use.

My favorite place to buy vinyl.  Seriously, I buy it all the time from Expressions Vinyl.  I've tried both the Cricut and Silhouette vinyl.  It works fine, but Expressions vinyl has better prices and their vinyl seems to be a better quality as well.

Looking for a cool cut file membership site?  Check out Makers Gonna Make.   For less than $20 a month you can have access to hundreds of new cut files for your cutting machine, plus all the commercial licenses for free!  That is a stinkin' awesome deal and they have really cute files.

Home Organizing and Cleaning

Having kids, especially one with skin sensitivities has made me rethink my cleaning regiments.  I opt for more natural laundry detergents and household cleaning products now.  I love Mrs. Meyer's and you can get them from Grove Collaborative.  Shipped right to your door!! Plus, they have really great free offers like you can get a free Summer Laundry Kit including detergent and wool balls.

Clothing and Accessories

Yep, that's right.  I'm human too.  Which means that I don't make all my own clothing.  In fact, I make way more clothing for my children than I do for myself.  And since I am a Mom, I really love wearing t-shirts.  So of course, I'm looking for good deals and comfy clothes.

I love shopping at Cents of Style because they have some really great tees and adorable jewelry.  Plus, they have a lot of great daily deals and awesome sale prices and really trendy, but simple clothes.  {Just my style.}

Jane.com is my other favorite online retailer.  You can find some amazing deals and look cute doing it.  And yes, I really do buy products from both of these retailers.  In fact, I have to stop myself from buying everything.  

Blogging Resources
Blogger to blogger, we all need a little help figuring out this whole "blog" thing.  Here are some of the blogging resources that I have found success with.  And I have used them ALL myself.  I know people always tell you where to go and what to do, but these have actually been worth the time and effort for me.

Email on Autopilot 
I took this course because I needed a bit of direction and a way to grow my email list.  It was an incredible program and Matt has expanded it to include so much more.  Basically I just took the course a 2nd time.  If you are looking to grow your email list, sign up for this course!!


For our email list, we use ConvertKit.  We love all the options and have been really happy with their customer service.  Can you find cheaper options?  Of course, but we really like it. 

If you pin for your blog, Tailwind will be a lifesaver for you.  Schedule your pins for the week or month and walk away.  It has been a game changer for us and we love the traffic.  

If you are looking to become an affiliate partner with other brands, ShareASale is one of my favorite platforms.  Loads of brands to work with and share great products you love.