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Free Sewing Projects

Welcome to GYCT Designs!! We are excited to share with your all of our awesome sewing projects.  We've got over 75 sewing projects!  The best part about it is that these are all FREE projects.  Most include a tutorial right in the post and a few include a downloadable pattern that you can get in our free GYCT Resource Library.  That means if you are a beginner at sewing, we have LOADS of projects that are just right for you.

Great library of over 75 simple and beginner friendly sewing projects for everyday and holidays like Valentine's, 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas. #sewing #sewingprojects

Why do I offer so much awesome free stuff?  Because I LOVE to sew and more than that, I love to teach others how to sew!!  I've been teaching sewing since 2006 to children, teens and adults alike.  I graduated with a degree in Family and Consumer Science (aka Home Economics) and taught Fashion Design to high schoolers for 8 years.  Now, through my blog I get to teach the world to sew.

If you are brand spanking new to sewing, sign up for our FREE Sewing 101 eCourse.  You'll get sewing lessons right to your inbox and have lessons and projects you can do along the way.

If you already know how to sew, scroll down our list of beginner sewing projects and decide which one might be best for you.  Join our  GYCT Facebook group where you can share finished projects or ask questions and get to know like minded sewists.  We love our GYCT community and we definitely love it when you share your amazing creations.

Lastly, if you love sewing, you probably enjoy a good craft too.  Check out our Craft Projects page for more great projects!

Happy Sewing!!!

Sewing Machine and Organizing


Beginner Sewing for the Home and Family

Sewing for your home can be so rewarding!  Instead of heading to the store to purchase another pillow for that new season, you can make a pillow cover for each season and only use one pillow.  Need a gift for a party or birthday?  Now you can go through that fabric stash and create a custom gift.  Or maybe your family just needs to get a little more organized.  Make a new wall hanging cubby or mailbox to hold all those papers and bills.  Sewing for your home and family is one of the most rewarding ways you can save money, time and still be creative.

   Blankets and quilts


Pillows and Pillowcases


Kitchen and Home Organization


Toys and Kid Projects


Bags and Purses


Looking for more bags, purses or pouch patterns?  Check out this great list of bag sewing patterns.

Beginner Sewing For Kids Clothing

I absolutely love to sew for my children.  It is not only fun, but it is a great way for a beginner to start sewing.  Why?  Children's clothing takes a lot less fabric and can be sewn quicker as well.  Plus, since children don't have all the curves that adults have, it is much easier to fit a child than it is an adult.  Here are a few easy beginner sewing projects that your children will love wearing or using every day.  This time I've separated them more based on gender than skill level.


Looking for more ideas for sewing patterns for babies?  Check out our list of more than 75 baby sewing patterns.

Sewing For Women

Sewing for adults is a little more challenging than sewing for children.  However, if you are a beginner sewist, you can be successful at sewing for women.  Make sure to take it slow and get the measurements!!  Measurements make a BIG difference in how clothing fits.  Don't just say "they wear a medium" and hope that the medium you make is the right size.  Each pattern company and PDF pattern designer has a different size chart just like each clothing retailer has different sizes.  (Now it makes sense why those jeans from JcPenny fit differently from those at Target.)

Beginner Sewing For Holidays

One of my favorite types of sewing projects is sewing for holidays.  The challenge for me is making sure I create something that can last for several holidays and be stored easily in the "off season".  Many of my holiday sewing projects are flat projects or easily folded for easy storing but still fun for the season.

Make sure to also check out some of our other beginner Halloween sewing projects.  We have a ton.


Looking for even MORE free and easy sewing projects?  Check out our post with over 200 beginner sewing projects.

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